Thank you for your survey responses!

There were over 170 responses to  Ampthill Town Council’s survey on electric vehicle ownership and demand for charging stations. It has provided a good evidence base for Ampthill Town Council to try to get charging stations established across the town. 

The survey shows that we are a hotspot for EV ownership, despite being a black hole for charging infrastructure. EV owners want to see more charging stations locally, and respondents thinking about EV ownership are held back by lack of local charging infrastructure. 

Lack of off-street parking space is a major barrier to EV ownership for some residents, which is why Ampthill Town Council is looking at the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) On-street Residential Charging Scheme (ORCS) grants, with Central Bedfordshire Council support.

Find out about this scheme here:


ACCG are helping to put together a map of potential charging station locations to meet residents’ needs. If you are an  Ampthill resident who is considering EV ownership, but does not have access to an off-street location to charge their vehicle, please email Ampthill Town Council at  

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