Tree Planting

We plant trees to improve our air, carbon capture, and wellbeing.

According to the Woodland Trust, woodland cover in the UK is only 13% compared to 37% in the EU.  Increasing the number of trees and hedgerows is a vital part of addressing climate change and nature depletion, and they also benefit us too.

Trees and hedgerows:

  • Lock up carbon, both in the structure of the plant and it's roots but also in the micro-organisms and fungi that create a community around them.
  • Reduce pollution by capturing particulate matter in their leaves
  • Reduce flooding by absorbing excess water through their roots
  • Create shade and shelter (for us and wildlife - something that will be critical as temperatures continue to increase)
  • Increase biodiversity (the variety and number of the many organisms that create an ecosystem around trees and hedges)
  • Are good for our health and wellbeing, making us physically and mentally healthier.

One of our aims is to increase the number of trees and hedges in the town  using native, locally grown trees where possible.  In Spring 2022 we planted 3 trees and 45m of deciduous hedgerow at Cherrytree Way. The project was funded by Central Bedfordshire Council's Tree Planting Grant Fund, and ACCG's application was enabled by Ampthill Town Council. Thanks also to the Forest of Marston Vale who gave us advice and provided the hedgerow whips and saplings through their own tree planting supplier.

We have some more sites in mind and hope to plant these later this year.

How can you help:

  • Join in with our community tree planting events (keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page.)
  • Join in with other tree planting and conservation activities in the local area e.g. through the Forest of Marston Vale,  or the Greensand Trust
  • Plant a tree in your own garden or replace a fence with a hedge.
  • Contact us, or talk to your town or parish councillors, or your CBC ward councillors if you have an idea for a location for tree planting.


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