Walking Routes

Walking Routes In And Around Ampthill

We have some lovely green spaces within Ampthill with Ampthill Park and Cooper’s Hill but when you are looking for something different or you want to try a slightly longer walk why not try one of these walks that have been put together by members of the Ampthill Climate Change Group.

All can be accessed from the town, so that you can leave your car at home. If some are that bit too long for you, try just a short section or take a short cut.

Circular Walk Around Ampthill - 2.05 Miles.

You can start at any point which is the easiest for you to get to but for the purpose of the instructions we are starting at the junction of Glebe Rd and Flitwick Road. Walk uphill in the direction of Ampthill town centre and turn left down Sidney Road. Turn right onto Ashburnham Rd. Turn left at the end and then look for the signpost on the right taking you along the tree lined path to the left of the stream. At the end turn right to walk up another tree-lined path (The Alameda). Go through the gates at the end and head towards Woburn Road. Cross the road and walk up Park Hill. Continue up the hill ignoring the side roads. At the very end take the path that descends down towards Waitrose. Turn right and walk to the town centre. You can stop here for a coffee and shopping. Look for the Kings Arms path opposite (under the lamp). Follow this past the Kings Arms path garden until you reach Saunders Piece. Turn left and walk to the entrance of the allotments. Turn right and the path joins Neotsbury Road. Turn left down Willow way to join Oliver Street. Turn right then left onto Russell Drive. Pass the row of shops (stop for refreshments). This turns into Glebe Road and returns to your starting point.

Ampthill to Steppingley, there and back - 4.45 Miles.

Starting from the junction of Glebe road and Flitwick Road, head downhill towards Flitwick. Take the footpath on the right just after Tavistock Avenue. Continue around to the left as the path takes you to the Ampthill Heights estate. Either continue past the houses or take a loop around the green. Cross the junction of roads to the small playground. Turn left following the footpath sign. Go through the gate and cross the road with care. Follow the well-marked path through the industrial estate. At the road turn right then left and go up and over the railway bridge. You will have a lovely view from here. At the bottom of the steps continue straight ahead past young trees. At the new cycle path continue straight on. The path continues to the car park for the fishing reservoir. Veer left just before this and continue on to Steppingley. Take a breather on the Church bench or visit the French Horn before retracing your steps to Ampthill.

Kings Wood Circular Walk - 3.69 Miles with optional shortcut.

Start at St Andrews Church on Church Street. Take the path to the left of the church. As you reach a fork on the path veer right then left down a track and go through a gate. Cross the meadow diagonally, go over a stile, and cross the field diagonally to the right to reach Gas House Lane. Walk up the lane a short distance crossing the cattle grid, and veer to the right. This takes you to the right of the farm buildings and up to the reservoir. Go through the gate at the top and turn left along the farm track (*For a shorter walk turn right instead to reach the tip of the woods and follow the instructions from there.)

When the track meets the road with a view of Houghton House turn right. (You can detour here to visit the ruins of Houghton House.) Continue along this road through housing to a gate. Cross the field to another gate. Cross the field, and go over a bridge to enter another field. Continue on until you reach a T-Junction of footpath signs. Turn right and walk uphill to Kings Wood. Continue left around the edge of the woods until you reach the entrance gate. Turn into the woods and walk up through to reach the tip of the woods. *Turn left following the field edge with a hedge on your right. Go through a gate.

The path veers to the right. Go through a gate on your right and turn left to follow the path back to Gas House Lane and back to Church Street. Turn right to return to your starting point.

Ampthill to Maulden Church Circular Walk - 4.15 Miles with optional shortcuts

Take the footpath around the left side of the allotments, keeping right to walk across the bridge into fields. Follow the well-defined track across the fields to Maulden. Once you reach houses follow the footpath, cross the road along another footpath past Maulden Baptist Church to reach Flitwick Road. Cross carefully and turn into Duck End Lane. At the end turn right which takes you to the field edge. Turn left and walk along the field edge until you meet Moor Lane. Turn right and keep to the right fork past the allotments. You will pass the Duck End Nature Reserve which is worth popping into.

Continue along the track until you reach a T-junction of paths. Turn left and follow this as it winds around hedgerows. Continue to Silsoe Road. (You could take a shortcut here by taking a track on the left that crosses the stream, to return to the allotments.)

Turn left onto Silsoe Road, cross the main road and continue up Church Road. (You could return to Ampthill via the main road at this point. ) Walk up the steps to the church and walk around the left side to the find a track in the far left corner. The track veers to the left. At the end walk through the alleyway onto George Street. Turn right and follow the road as it curves, turning right into the alleyway on the right signposted ‘Greensand Ridge walk’. This will take you to The Brache.

Turn left back to the main road. Cross the road and turn down Flitwick Road. Take the footpath by the churchyard on the right to retrace your steps back to Ampthill.

Ampthill to Flitton Moor Circular Walk - 4.5 Miles.

Leave town adjacent to the Recycling Centre on Abbey Lane.

Cross the fields to reach the roundabout on the A507. (There is a gate in the left corner of the football field). Cross to the opposite corner with care.

Take the footpath to the left of the electricity sub-station and follow the stream until the clearly defined track veers right, away from the stream, and meets a farm track. Cross this and follow the well-trodden track to walk around the Mediaeval moat.

At the junction of paths turn left to walk between an avenue of trees. Follow this wide track as it turns left (ignore the bridge over the stream.)

Continue until you get to a gate on your left. You can either take this and walk clockwise around the Flitton Nature Reserve or continue on the wide track and turn left just before the Jack Crawley Memorial Barn. If you do the latter you can pop into the Nature reserve to see the pond.

Either way you are heading for the top right corner of the nature reserve where there is an information board and a bridge over the stream. Cross the bridge and fork right to a stile. Walk right alongside the road for a few paces and cross the road to a short well-trodden path leading to a metal gate.

Follow the well-defined track across the field, and to the right of John Deere. Continue across the farm road into the Blackmoor Business Park following the stream. Follow the footpath signs as the track bends to the right. Then after a little way to the left (ignoring the footpath straight ahead.) After a while, this will take you past the Duck End Nature Reserve and allotments.

At the edge of the village, turn left around the field edge and then right into Duck End Lane. Follow this road as it turns left and onto Flitwick Road. Cross the road with care and take the footpath opposite with the cemetery on your right. Cross the road and take another footpath between houses to reach open fields. Walk across the fields to the allotments. Walk past the allotment gate (ignoring the road to the right) and continue to Neotsbury Road and Willow Way to meet Oliver Street.

Ampthill to Millbrook Circular Walk - 3.3 Miles with optional shortcuts.

Start on Woburn Road from the end of the Alameda. Enter the park from the gate opposite and walk west roughly parallel to Woburn Road. Go through the West St car park at the far end and exit the car park in the park via the kissing gate. Go diagonally left to follow a well-trodden path to exit the park via a gate on the left. Cross the field to a kissing gate and walk through the trees (the railway is underneath you) and follow the track as it turns left and winds around to reach a crossroads. Go straight ahead. The path starts to descend. Follow the footpath sign on the right. (You could continue descending on the main track to see Millbrook Church and retrace your steps to this point.) The right hand track passes farm buildings and eventually leads you to a road. Do not walk on the road, there is a footpath to the right of the hedge. Walk along here until you reach a track that turns right across the field to cross the railway line. Follow the track past a farmhouse and follow the footpath sign on the right to go across a small field to reach arable land. Go straight ahead to get back into the park. The map shows the directions as turning left and walking up the Lime walk and round to drop back into Park Hill and onto Woburn Rd but you could take any path in the park back to Woburn road.

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