Green your life

Three cheers for you - you’re making an impact already - for seeking out these resources. Below, you’ll find practical actions and advice on how to ‘green your life’.

There are so many ways that you can do this, some large and some small, some that will cost money but many more that will save you money.

Unfortunately we are at the point where we need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions and experts agree that we cannot just rely on technology to solve the problem, we all need to do things differently - start doing some things and stop or reduce doing others.

A good start is to do a quick calculation of your own carbon footprint to see where you can make the most change.

Good Energy have a good explainer about what a carbon footprint is and what we need to achieve in the next few years - read the article now.

Want to calculate your own carbon footprint?

You can use the WWF Footprint Calculator online to measure your own footprint.

you can skip the sign-up to WWF at the end.

Ways to green your life…


Home Energy


Purchases & Money

Gardens & Landscapes

For Businesses

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