Many of the things we own stacked at the back of sheds or garages, bought out for an annual DIY session, patio clean, or kids garden sleepover, could be shared, or could have been loaned rather than bought. A Library of Things holds a stock of those sorts of items, such as power tools, gardening equipment, sewing machines, bike repair tools, to be loaned out for a small fee, and usually a small annual membership charge.  As well as reducing the proliferation of stuff and waste, and saving space in the home, a Library of Things makes these items more economically accessible. This can be combined with a Repair Cafe, offering skill sharing and cheap/free repairs.

Ampthill Climate Change Group, alongside Sustainable Bedford and Flitwick for the Future: Action Against Climate Change, are investigating the possibility of setting up a Library of Things and a Repair Cafe in this area. We need to know if there is a demand for this, so we have set up a short survey and hope you will fill it in for us.

Here’s the link:

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