Be a Bee Friendly Gardener

**Our Ideas Sheet and Resource List are now available in Information/Useful Documents**

To all our young gardeners, ecologists, naturalists and wildlife heroes! (and their grown up helpers)

 The Ampthill Buzz is setting up Bee Friendly Zones around our town. You might pass one of our signs on your way to school, or have a Bee Friendly Zone by your house. But our wildflowers and wildlife need your help too.

The Ampthill Buzz wants to hear about how you are making your outdoor spaces better for nature. Tell us about what you have done in a window box, a flower pot or a part of a garden to give wildflowers, insects and birds a helping hand.  Email us at, and send us some writing, photographs or pictures you have drawn of the ways you are helping wildflowers and wildlife. You can also post  your writing and pictures to: 

The Ampthill Buzz,  Ampthill Town Council, Park Lodge, Ampthill Great Park, Woburn Street, Ampthill, MK45 2HX.  

We would like to make a gallery of all your ideas on this website*

*Note to parents: we will only display first name and age on any contributions to our gallery. 

Websites with great ideas for wildflower and wildlife gardening:

From Plantlife, the wild plant conservation charity:

And especially for parents of younger children:

Plant Spotter Sheets:

From Buglife, which campaigns to protect the insect population:

From our local Wildlife Trust

From the RSPB

From the National Trust



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