Can we help you recycle more?

ACCG would like to know how well informed you feel about recycling locally, and how we can help. We want to share information that you tell us will be helpful, and investigate setting up recycling opportunities that you would use.

Please fill in our very quick survey – the link is here:

Our survey is looking at recycling awareness and provision in and around the Ampthill area. Do you know what should and shouldn’t be put in your green-lid bin? Do you use other recycling projects around the area for not-collected recycling? It’s not a test….we just would really like to find out what you know about recycling and what you do about recycling.

Of course, recycling is only part of the changes needed to tackle nature degradation and climate change, along with reducing and re-using, but every action counts! It helps and it all adds up. Filling in our survey and getting all rabbit’s friends and relations to fill it in too is a very helpful little action towards making a big difference

We’ll keep the survey running until 31st August 2021.

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